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Most of these niggas don’t realize that they got a keeper right in front of them. If you already got a girl who put up with your bullshit everyday, who tried to do everything for you when you do nothing for her in return. Who can smile at you again after you’ve just made her cry. Who gets lectured by all her friends to leave you, but she still stays with you. Who finds it in her heart to forgive you everytime despite how much you’ve hurt her. Then you should consider yourself lucky because not every nigga got a girl like that. Instead of looking for more pussy, you should just stick to the girl you’re with because a bunch of girls added up could never care about you as much as she does.


During sex she said “deeper” so I rolled over and started reading her poetry

Ok drake

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Anonymous asked: aren't you from California why did you just tell that guy stoymilk let's smoke!?he doesn't even live in your state you fuckin catfish

No I’m from Uranus. Lol he’s the homie so don’t trip about what I do or who I talk to



Anonymous asked: Do you still think about daniella

Who’s that