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Let’s just act like my feelings don’t matter.

Anonymous said: is everyone okay? :c


Fuck cancer .

Anonymous said: Te amo

I love you too

Anonymous said: omg, you're so perfect. I wish you were mine 😩😭


Anonymous said: Thoughts on okaymoe?

He acts like a little bitch

Anonymous said: Fuck it ima just break up with her. I rather see her happy with someone else than stay miserable with me

Well bop her

every single time we’re together, we’re just looking at each other’s eyes then at each other’s lips…we’re about to kiss. but we stop ourselves. we can’t be what we were, no matter how much we want to and it fucking tears us apart. 

Anonymous said: How can someone be so fucking beautiful, you're seriously a blessing, on god. lmao

God I love you


i miss doing this

Anonymous said: omg omg you're so cute, <3. <3

omg omg

Anonymous said: So you're saying don't do anything to my ex?

Yea, don’t

Anonymous said: What's it like to be on Molly ?

Hyped up, I don’t recommend it THO. Wasn’t so great