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Anonymous said: Nigga you so upset over your ex hoeing you but you admitted that you cheated. The ladies you cheated on must feel the same way as you so chill with this hate towards Daniella man

Lol but dam at least I maned up & told her, I didn’t lie about that shit & had to find out hahah

Anonymous said: What does your title mean?

My adventure

Anonymous said: IS YO GIRL NAME LIZETTE?

No lol

trill-liz said: You faaceee 🌊😩✨✨✨✨✨


Kourtney Kardashian > Kim Kardashian

vfxdzz said: Cccchhhhrrrriiissssss

What nigga

Anonymous said: Do you not like amy

Nah were just playing, she’s the homie

bigggpoppaa said: Joking.


bigggpoppaa said: Still a 0 😏



0 to 💯 real quick


goldengreggy said: Lol aw why not

Waste of time ha